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What is personal colour analysis?

Your future former friend is a nightmare these days. You're considering ghosting her.

She used to be so fun to go shopping with. She would buy anything that was on sale, on trend or just tempting.

But then she went and had a Personal Color Analysis.

So nowadays, she has this colour fan in her handbag and doesn't buy a single item before checking with it.

She gave half of her clothes to the thrift store, and didn't even bring a single item home with her! Well, except that one blouse, and she muttered something about it being just the right item to wear over that dress that she hasn't ever used because it made her look washed out.

She looks annoyingly chipper and fresh, despite not having bought a single new item for a long time, she just cruises past the racks saying "No", "Not my colour" and "No, definitely not my colour". And when she does zone in on an item, she brings out the damn fan and she hauls different items from other racks, compares and deliberates before even trying it on.

And she seems HAPPY about it!

So you want to know what's going on.

After all, you've been friends since primary school, so you are determined to give her the benefit of doubts and find out for yourself what this is all about.

So I'm doing you a favour and giving you the short and sweet version of what personal colour analysis is all about.

It's too much to fit into a blog post, so I made a comprehensive guide for you:

Would you rather watch a video?

Here is a link to a blog post with a video where Christing Scaman of 12 Blueprints Personal Colour Analysis explains What's A Colour Analyst?

Too busy to go through the introduction guide to colour analysis right now?

Just have a look at this quick summary of highlights, then, and come back for the Field Guide to Colour Analysis later.

What personal colour analysis is:

A system to cathegorise different undertones of skin 

A way to determine what colours are in tune with your own natural colours

A two- to three hour session where we compare your skin to specific colours, in a systematic sequence

Why women (and men) do it:

To make a better first impression

To save money by only buying clothes in colours that are truly bringing out the best in them

To look more professional and authentic

To look fresher and younger

Jorunn Hernes

Jorunn knows exactly how hard it is to make the most of your colour tone when real life gets in the way. But she has a few tricks up her sleeve, and is eager to share them with you. Minimalism, mindfulness and simplicity are also on her list of interests.

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