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Can any season use any style?

All styles can be expressed in all colour tones.Body type is innate and often hereditary. A lifetime of dieting may bring you heart ache and possibly keep weight at a healthy level (or unhealthy, if you are pursuing a modeling career). But if your DNA is prone to one body shape, you’re fighting windmills and swimming […]

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3 reasons to wear lipstick

Lipstick is one of the most powerful feminine icons of our culture.Let me be crystal clear. You don’t have to wear lipstick. It is perfectly possible to live a rich and fulfilling life without it. However, is difficult to be a grown woman and not have a relationship with lipstick, whether you are a confirmed lipstick-hater or […]

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Checklist for mini travel wardrobe

Travel for a long weekend with only 6 garments in the travel bagIs it possible?  Yes, it’s possible, if you pack smart. Here is a suggested packing list: 1 CARDIGAN or other light jacket 2 BOTTOMS – trousers and skirt (if you don’t like wearing skirts, make sure one of the trousers are fancy enough to go to […]

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My 3 favourite books on minimalism

A short reading list about minimalismThese are the books about minimalism that have had the greatest impact on my life:SOULFUL SIMPLICITY by Courtney CarverIf you are only going to read one book on minimalism, read this one. Courtney’s blog Be More With Less has been a favourite place to find inspiration for simplifying my life, and […]

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Travel Light, Pack Smart Part 2

A travel wardrobe is a condensed version of a capsule wardrobe. In this post you’ll find a simple method for putting together a practical travel wardrobe that is easy to fit in a small bag. It’s easy to put together varied and practical outfits if you use this method, and you don’t ever have to stand […]

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Travel light, Pack Smart Part 1

You travel more than anytime before. In addition you are more focused on gathering experiences, not things, when traveling. You travel often, and more likely on shorter trips.There are two types of luggage: Hand luggage, and lost luggage.What are the advantages of traveling with only hand luggage?1. No more waiting at the conveyor belt(for a […]

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