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Easing a garment into your season

How to tweak a beloved garment so that you can use itThis is the story of me and my shirt.  If you receive the emails that I send out once a month, you will know that I love natural fibres. For winter, I prefer merino wool, for summer I like linen. I have a few favourite shops […]

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What is Personal Colour Analysis?

What is personal colour analysis?Your future former friend is a nightmare these days. You’re considering ghosting her.  She used to be so fun to go shopping with. She would buy anything that was on sale, on trend or just tempting.  But then she went and had a Personal Color Analysis.  So nowadays, she has this colour fan in […]

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Preparing for colour analysis

So you’ve booked a Personal Colour AnalysisAnd you’re happy and full of joyful anticipation. Because finally you’re going to find out what season you are, and get started on more mindful shopping and building a wardrobe that supports your natural colours.  But you’re also a little nervous.  Because you don’t really know exactly what happens during a […]

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Dark Winter light summer dress

Can such a light dress really be used by a Dark Winter?The Dark Winter members of my Bespoke Service got an unusual email in June.  I challenge myself to think out of the box for the featured items in the Bespoke Service emails sometimes.  I had picked a light dress for Dark Winter. It is kind of […]

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Bright Spring capsule wardrobe

Bright Spring can wallow in exuberantly happy colours and go wild with patterns. Warm, bright colours, animal prints, lots of energy and movement. Neutrals: Bright Spring can tolerate a little bit of black in patterns, and also can wear black if it is away from the face. Bright Winter can get away with a pair of […]

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True Spring capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe for True Spring, in spring, what could it look like? It would look like pure, exuberant joy. The essence of the Spring palettes is absolute warm, drenched in sunshine, multiple colours, complimentary colours, lots of movement, in patterns, texture and fabrics. Good neutrals for the spring palettes are camel, sand, milk chocolate. I am […]

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