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My knitting failure

…and what you can learn from it.I love knitting. I knit all the time, and I’m always on the lookout for new projects. A lot of my clients are knitters too, and I get emails from them with questions about colour matching yarn to their fans. Which I try to answer as best I can. We […]

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The reluctant Bright Winter

Learning that you are a Bright Winter can be terrifying.I see quite a few Bright Winters. Their reactions when their colour tone is revealed can roughly be divided into two categories: The first category is the client who exuberantly embraces her colours, squeals with glee at finally being able to unchain all her favourite colours, and […]

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Yellow is the core colour of the Spring colour tones True Spring, Bright Spring and Light Spring Most people of Spring colour tones like yellow. As they should, it is their core colour and makes them look radiant and energized.But, yellow seems to be an OMDB* colour for many.*) OMDB = Over My Dead Body    […]

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