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Ekte Vår kjernegarderobe

En kjernegarderobe for Ekte Vår, om våren, hvordan skulle den se ut? Den ville se ut som ren, sprudlende glede.  Essensen av Vår fargetonene er absolutt varm, badet i solskinn, mange farger på en gang, komplementærfarger, mye bevegelse både i mønster og stoff. ​ Gode basisfarger for Vår er kamel, sand, melkesjokolade. Jeg har valgt gul, korall […]

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How to pick the perfect white for your wedding dressEach season has her best white.  The best way to choose the correct white for your season is to begin by accepting that perhaps your best white is not white. Click to Tweet Your wedding day. If you are getting married, you know that this is […]

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The true cost of a garment

Using the CPW method of calculating the real worth of a piece of clothingThis is not an article about sustainable fashion. Slow fashion and sustainable manufacturing of clothing is important, but what I’m talking about here is the cost related to personal economy.True story: A woman shopping for a dress for a special occasion.She has […]

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Can any season use any style?

All styles can be expressed in all colour tones.Body type is innate and often hereditary. A lifetime of dieting may bring you heart ache and possibly keep weight at a healthy level (or unhealthy, if you are pursuing a modeling career). But if your DNA is prone to one body shape, you’re fighting windmills and swimming […]

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3 reasons to wear lipstick

Lipstick is one of the most powerful feminine icons of our culture.Let me be crystal clear. You don’t have to wear lipstick. It is perfectly possible to live a rich and fulfilling life without it. However, is difficult to be a grown woman and not have a relationship with lipstick, whether you are a confirmed lipstick-hater or […]

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