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Knitting And Your Season

Photo by Rebecca Grant on UnsplashKnitting for your 12 season color analysis seasonA collection of knitting patterns and knitting tips.  Pick the right yarn for your season Bright Winter knitting Soft Autumn knitting True Autumn knitting True AutumnAh, the rich, burnished colours of True Autumn’s knitting projects! Spiced apple cider, red apples, crunchy leaves and […]

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Simple formula for a capsule wardrobe

A simple capsule wardrobe formula A capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothes (and accessories) that can be combined in many ways so that you get more use out of fewer clothes. You’ll spend less time wondering what to wear, and you look stylish no matter how you combine the items. You can use this system […]

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Pros and Cons of Personal Colour Analysis

If you have made it this far into the blog, it means that you are more than moderately interested in Personal Colour Analysis, or PCA. Perhaps you’ve even read the article about What is Personal Colour Analysis This short blog post is really just about finding out if PCA is worth your time or not: Pros […]

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Colour is relative

No colour is absolute. Colour is absolutely relative.The way we see colour is dependent on what we see next to it.And how we label the colour is dependent of our culture. Some cultures have a vast number of names for one colour, other cultures group several different hues into one word.  Colour is also dependent on […]

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DIY method to ease a garment into Bright Winter

A DIY method of easing a garment into Bright Winter.This is the story of me and my shirt. According to the principles of colour analysis, we should wear the colours that we are. So, as a Bright Winter, I should wear bright, clear colours.  If you receive the emails that I send out once a month, you […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Personal Colour Analysis

Everything you wanted to know about colour analysis but was afraid to askWhat is 12 season color analysis?You may have heard friends talk about it, and don’t have the faintest idea of what they’re on about.  Or you know that colour analysis and finding your season is a powerful tool to uncover your best colours to […]

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