ABOUT - Fargeporten


Did you know that most women use only 20 percent of the garments that are filling up their wardrobes?

...and still struggle putting together outfits that they actually enjoy wearing?

Jorunn is a Personal Colour Analyst based in Norway. Her mission is to help you get more use out of the clothes that you already own, and to make really smart decisions when shopping for new ones.

So part of the content is about personal colour analysis, some is about downsizing and upgrading your wardrobe, and some of it is about how to present yourself with authenticity, and tips on how to save money. And if you're getting married, look no further in order to choose the perfect white for your wedding gown.

So are you ready? Let's have some fun already. And this is a good place to start.

When you know your colour tone and use it to its full potential, you become:


Putting together outfits is quickly done


You own fewer clothes but they're really good quality


You don't have to think about fashion


You smile when you open your wardrobe