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Colour and Style
with Nordic Simplicity

Hi! I'm Jorunn.
And I have a few tricks 
- when it's difficult to find clothes to match your colour tone
- when the fashion magazines have nothing for you
- when you want stylish to be simple

Hi! Are you new around here?

Could be confusing in the beginning. Let me help you out!

Would you like to make a good first impression?

Read about 10 reasons why colour analysis will help you make
a good first impression,
before you even say a word.

Want to build the perfect wardrobe?

Start by making a simple capsule wardrobe for traveling.
It's so easy when you follow my
1-2-3-4 formula:

Would you like to hear my story?

It starts with me trying to figure out my own season and kind of getting sort of close, but not quite.
Read how finding my correct season made me look fresher and healthier:.