Colour and Style
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Hi! I'm Jorunn.
I'm a Personal Colour Analysis Consultant.
I've collected the articles about colour and style so you can easily find
what you're looking for.
I want to inspire you to dress with Nordic Simplicity.

You can connect with me on three levels:
You can read blog articles, like this one on being a Reluctant Bright Winter
Get a grasp of what Personal Colour Analysis is
You can join Nordic Simplicity
nd if you know your season,
you can also join the Bespoke Service.

The Bespoke Service

The Bespoke Service is monthly emails with curated items and useful tips on how to adapt your season's palette to the current season!

The Bespoke Service is perfect for you if you know your season and want effortless style. 

And you want practical tips on how you put together outfits that make you look great, and that fit your lifestyle. 

And you want to build a wardrobe that is so tailored to your season that it is a joy to open the closet and it's simple to combine the items into functional outfits, without fuss.

And you want to be reminded of the essence of your colour tone, so that you can navigate the clothing racks in the stores with ease. 

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Nordic Simplicity

Once a month, I send out an email with one single wardrobe tip. 
It's short, sweet and simple.

This is a great way to get inside tips on how a colour analyst approaches wardrobe management, with true Nordic simplicity.

You will also get notified when I have a created new free courses, and first dibs to sign up when I start the premium courses.

All served with Nordic simplicity, a sensible attitude and a certain dose of wry Norwegian sense of humour.

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“I’m excited to receive your wonderful newsletter”

“I have been subscribing to your blog ever since your feature on the 12 Blueprints website. You were away for a while, and I was so happy to see a new article from you pop up in my bloglist when you returned. You have such a positive, friendly voice, and your writing is informative and helpful”

“I enjoy your writing. Thanks for sharing”

“Thank you so much for your lovely email and - with true Nordic simplicity- I think you have nailed it”

Jorunn Hernes - personal colour analysis consultant
I also offer Personal Colour Analysis consultations. My studio is located in Fitjar, a small town on the west coast of Norway.