Why you should buy clothes with your eyes closed

  Obviously I don’t mean this literally. Of course you should go shopping with your eyes open! But now that I have your attention, have you noticed that that your beautiful eyes very often are the easiest feature to grab hold of for well-intentioned sales people in clothing stores? They envision the possibility of a sale, and seize the opportunity for the easiest and best compliment they can give you: ”Look how it brings out the green in your eyes!” And yes, it is highly likely that the garment does bring out a lovely nuance of your eye colour. (and … Continue reading Why you should buy clothes with your eyes closed


Yellow is an OMDB* colour of choice for many of us. *) OMDB = Over My Dead Body Of all the colours we have in our lovely drape sets, yellow (and orange, but I save that for another blog post) is the colour most of my clients shy away from, are suspicious of wearing, or plain outright dislike. Why is this, I wonder? According to colour psychology books that I have read, yellow is the happiest colour of them all. It exudes life, youth and happiness. Sunshine is yellow. Who does not like sunshine? We decorate with yellow ribbons when … Continue reading Yellow

One woman’s holy grail is another woman’s dixie cup

…a funny and insightful statement from one of my clients, when discussing makeup preferences. While I was chuckling about this, it led me to thinking about how much personality colours the way you view a lot of things (pun very much intended), makeup certainly, and also your colour tone and style. Let’s talk about style first. I am a Yang Gamine. I should be dressing as the very embodiment of flamboyant dress code. Not my idea of a holy grail. My body type may be Yang Gamine, but my personality causes me express it in a minimalist style. Synthetic fabrics … Continue reading One woman’s holy grail is another woman’s dixie cup

Pack smart, travel light – part 1, equipment

We travel more than before and in addition, we focus more and more on gathering impressions, not souvernirs when we are on a trip. We travel often, and on short trips. It is also a trend to travel with only handluggage. What are the advantages of traveling only with hand luggage? No waiting for your luggage (which may or may not be lost) This is one of the greatest advantages by traveling light, with only hand luggage. You are on your way out of the airport and on your way in to the city long before the other passengers have … Continue reading Pack smart, travel light – part 1, equipment

Pack smart, travel light – part 2, clothes

Part one was about equipment. If you missed that, you may want to go and read it before you continue. Go to it HERE Now it’s all about the clothes. Travel wardrobe = condensed capsule wardrobe A travel wardrobe is a miniature capsule wardrobe. Once you have discovered how delightfully simple it is to assemble varied and practical outfits from a carefully curated capsule wardrobe, it is pure delight to pack for a trip. Some simple guidelines You should be able to use every item with all other items. If one of the garments you consider bringing really clashes with … Continue reading Pack smart, travel light – part 2, clothes

The nature of compliments

  Makes you happy, right? Why do we give compliments? Why do we enjoy receiving compliments? To what degree should we let compliments shape the way we dress? I have given this some thought lately. We thrive on compliments. One compliment from a stranger (or someone I know, for that matter) can make my day. One compliment can put a smile on my face and make me straighten up and walk a little taller (which is useful, since I am quite short). And quite often I hear clients say something like: «I know this colour is wrong on me, but … Continue reading The nature of compliments

Bridal whites for 12 seasons and dresses for the mothers

The Bride The dress should do justice to the season of the bride, not honour the season of the wedding Imagine the Dark Autumn woman, getting married in June. Does she wear a bright white shiny satin dress and pink roses for her bouquet? No. She chooses a dress in ecru, cascading in a tumble of victorian cotton lace down her back, her dark hair glinting auburn in the sun. The bouquet: Burgundy and purple carnations, bird of paradise flowers, interspersed with chilipeppers of different orange and red hues. This is no average bride. This is a bride who honours … Continue reading Bridal whites for 12 seasons and dresses for the mothers

How we REALLY dress

I have the most amazing clients, presenting me with poignant feedback. One of my dear clients remarked that she would really like to see some suggestions for casual outfits, because ”that’s how we REALLY dress”. How right she is. Polyvore and Pinterest are full of fabulous outfits, but most of them are really not helpful for the average, Norwegian woman, at least not the segment of population that my clients belong to, so I addressed this in a newsletter to my Norwegian clients. And as many of you know, I am quite the fan of small, well curated wardrobes, and … Continue reading How we REALLY dress

The Reluctant Bright Winter

Frightened by Bright Winter? You are not alone. And, you do not have to have Iris Apfel as a style icon (although I do think she is rather cool). I see quite a few Bright Winters. Their reactions when their colour tone is revealed can roughly be divided into two categories. The first category is the client who exuberantly embraces her colours, squeals with glee at finally being able to unchain all her favourite colours, and hops out the door with her fan held like a beacon, giggling as she skips to her car. The other category is the client … Continue reading The Reluctant Bright Winter


Once upon a time, there was a young girl. Let’s call her Jorunn. She grew up in a small town, before the age of internet, Facebook and selfies, and if you asked her if she owned a handheld device she would tell you she did own a flashlight. Didn’t have much feel for fashion. Sure there were girls that used mascara. Sure there was talk of some kinds of jeans that were cooler than other kinds of jeans, but for the most part that kind of talk just floated by her. She spent most of her time in the library … Continue reading Transformation