Why you should buy clothes with your eyes closed


_LDR7892Obviously I don’t mean this literally. Of course you should go shopping with your eyes open! But now that I have your attention, have you noticed that that your beautiful eyes very often are the easiest feature to grab hold of for well-intentioned sales people in clothing stores?
They envision the possibility of a sale, and seize the opportunity for the easiest and best compliment they can give you:

”Look how it brings out the green in your eyes!”

And yes, it is highly likely that the garment does bring out a lovely nuance of your eye colour.

(and at the same time it makes the shadows under your eyes deeper, enhances many more wrinkles than you actually have, gives the illusion of a double chin, some grey shadowing around your mouth, and makes you look five years older)

Although another colour would have had the same effect on your eyes, at the same time as making your skin look smoother, clearer, fresher, and your whole face look younger and more well rested.

Coincidentally the dress you are considering is not available in such a colour, and the sales people are rushing to tell you how positively lovely that dress is with your eyes, and can simply not understand why that colour nuance is not in your colour palette. And can in any case simply not understand why you should not spend some money in their boutique.

So my simple advice to you today is: Even if you shouldn’t shut your eyes, then

at least plug your ears

to sales people who keep telling you how well a garment brings out your eyes. Your eyes are only a little piece of the complete picture of you, and

remember to study the effect on your skin.

Look at yourself and notice what effect the colour has on your skin, like we did during your colour analysis. Does the skin look smooth and fresh? Or does it bring our grey shadows here and there?

My personal tip:

It is really smart to own at least one scarf in one of your best colours, a colour that you know makes your skin look fabulous and your face radiant (a solid colour scarf is best for this purpose). Always bring this scarf when you go clothes shopping, and you will always have something to compare to when you try on a new garment. Take it out and put it under your face while you are wearing the new item that you are considering buying. Then let the scarf fall, and notice any changes in the appearance of your skin. Compare the skin, not the eyes. Do it again. What do you see? Do you look just as fresh and well rested in the new garment as when you hold the scarf up under your face? If so, then you can bask in the complements from the sales people, and if not, then take them with a grain of salt and a healthy amount of distrust.

And if you still really want to buy that garment even after such a thorough comparison, then buy it. But then you are doing it as a conscious choice, in spite of (or because of) what you yourself see in the mirror.

It is actually quite hard to find clothes that fit both our colour tone, cut and material. Sometimes we have to make a choice, sometimes we have to say that

close enough is good enough

when it comes to colour if the fit, cut and material is perfect otherwise.