One woman’s holy grail is another woman’s dixie cup

holy grail vs dixiecup

…a funny and insightful statement from one of my clients, when discussing makeup preferences.

While I was chuckling about this, it led me to thinking about how much personality colours the way you view a lot of things (pun very much intended), makeup certainly, and also your colour tone and style.

Let’s talk about style first. I am a Yang Gamine. I should be dressing as the very embodiment of flamboyant dress code. Not my idea of a holy grail. My body type may be Yang Gamine, but my personality causes me express it in a minimalist style. Synthetic fabrics and wild patterns make me shudder, I get snarky when someone refers to me as a “Flamboyant Gamine”, because I shudder at the thought of my name and the word flamboyant being used in the same sentence. If I am wearing more than two colours at one time, I feel like a gypsy. If I wear something with a pattern, I will not wear a necklace with it. I feel overdressed in an outfit that has both a belt AND a necklace. Is that a problem? No. My personal take on the Yang Gamine is to be flamboyantly minimalistic in my outfits. Yang Gamine is all about breaking the rules, right?

PCA is not demanding me to change my personality. It is not asking me to spray gold paint on a Dixie cup and call it my holy grail. There is enough range within each season to accommodate all personalities. One recent example comes to mind.

Let’s say you are a True Summer. Your holy grail is tailored garments and outfits with sharp contrast, none of the fluid, drapey outfits associated with the summer seasons appeal to , you feel most at home in the darker range of your palette, and True Summers tone on tone, muted monochrome, or analogous outfits kind of feels way too understated and bland to you. I understand. Forcing you to wear monochrome outfits in dove blue just because you are a True Summer is like asking me to wear graphic print mod 60s dresses just because I am a Yang Gamine. You never know. In time, I might move towards dressing more bravely in graphic prints. Give me time.

And in the mean time, let’s see if we can explore the upper contrast level of this lovely True Summer with a taste for exquisitely tailored classic clothing.

True Summer with classic taste

The contrast level is about where a True Summer should be headed, but I have picked items in colours from the darker range of TSu, without resorting to the deep charcoal which would be the True Summer’s equivalent of black, just because I can, and because navy is a much better alternative for this exquisite colouring. I have also inserted an elegantly understated dress in raspberry red, and brought in a navy cardigan as contrast. In addition, it seems the fashion picture this spring/summer includes some floral print skirts, I found one with colours that harmonize somewhat with the TSu palette, and added a cardigan in a dark, muted sage green. None of these outfits incorporate the watercolour prints that we assume is the holy grail for all summers. I really do think that any colour tone can be articulated in any style preference, though we must sometimes think out of the box to achieve it, and I have been a little too caught up in the stereotypes of each colour tones to see this until recently.

PCA is not about changing your personality or style preferences, it is about finding the best way to express these while using colours that truly make you look lit from within.