How we REALLY dress

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I have the most amazing clients, presenting me with poignant feedback. One of my dear clients remarked that she would really like to see some suggestions for casual outfits, because ”that’s how we REALLY dress”. How right she is. Polyvore and Pinterest are full of fabulous outfits, but most of them are really not helpful for the average, Norwegian woman, at least not the segment of population that my clients belong to, so I addressed this in a newsletter to my Norwegian clients.

And as many of you know, I am quite the fan of small, well curated wardrobes, and wardrobes that are tailored to the life we actually lead, not to the life we dream of. And in fact, jeans are here to stay, jeans are the backbone and staple ingredient of most people’s wardrobe.

So when I was asked if I wanted to join a fun collaboration project with Christine Scaman of 12 Blueprints, with the topic : Jeans for the 12 Seasons, I was positively thrilled. And a very interesting learning experience it turned out to be.  Jeans are so versatile, and that is true even when it comes to relegating them into seasons. We frequently found ourselves finding different aspects of the jeans connecting them better with different seasons, and also for myself personally, I found that returning to a pair of jeans the next day made me question the season I had put them in, and reassigning them. And of course, there is the usual disclaimer that images on screens can never be judged as true rendering of the colours, and also one needs to keep in mind the level of colour acuity of the eyes that behold, and experience in the field. I encourage you to make use of Pinterest and make your own boards with different topics. Needless to say, the learning potential of cataloguing and categorising items in this way is vast, for all of us. Thank you Christine for giving me the opportunity to participate in this project.

Here are my two catalogues: Jeans for 3 Winters and Jeans for 3 Springs and for Summer and Autumn, see here:  (link to) 12 Blueprints blog post about Jeans for 12 seasons.

And, here are the outfits I put together for the original newsletter to my Norwegian clients:

Screenshot 2015-02-11 09.57.26A Light Summer might choose a casual outfit  much like this one, incorporating a faded pair of jeans, and combining it with a light aqua sweater (and a hat for those cool Nordic days of spring), ans a light silk scarf in watercolour pattern of aqua, bue and grey. She may pull on a pair of sneakers, or perhaps some suede ballerinas or moccasins.






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Soft Summer. A fabulous pair of jeans with an inky blue was, a little hazy and greyed. Pefectly paired with a denim shirt, cozy hat with fur pom pom and a scarf that ties it all together and brings in a little bit of the burgundy that I hoped the shoes were. They are not burgundy, They are brown. My bad. I meant them to be burgundy.



Screenshot 2015-02-11 10.00.27

Dark Winter: These pitch black jeans might ve just as good, if not better, on a True Winter, but a True Winter might wear them with a crisp white shirt or a bright red sweater. The Dark Winter will choose a sweater in burgundy or aubergine instead of bright red, and perhaps choose pewter leather boots and a grey wool snood.





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Ah, Bright Winter. Again, I chose black jeans, with a contrasting white stitching and upturned contrasting cuffs. A hooded sweater with white decor and matching hat, black shoes and with bright pink nailpolish as the only splash of colour.


And because I got a severe reprimand from a mature Bright Winter, asking me to please give an example of a Bright Winter casual outfit she might actually wear, I present a selection of (hopefully) more grown-up styles befitting a mature Bright Winter with a preferance for casual style outfits:

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