Once upon a time, there was a young girl. Let’s call her Jorunn. She grew up in a small town, before the age of internet, Facebook and selfies, and if you asked her if she owned a handheld device she would tell you she did own a flashlight. Didn’t have much feel for fashion. Sure there were girls that used mascara. Sure there was talk of some kinds of jeans that were cooler than other kinds of jeans, but for the most part that kind of talk just floated by her. She spent most of her time in the library anyway. And threw on whatever clothes that were clean and fit, and were handy to grab on the way out the door.


Time went by and makeup and colours were experimented with, but with the love of everything natural and simple, she thought that colours should be natural as well. Well, nature-like anyway.






Jorunn_brown 1

Oh but there was not only brown. There was also olive:




Well anyway you get the drift. And of course this woman is me. And I am telling you this because I want to show you how I changed into who I am today.

There was nothing wrong with being who I was, looking the way I was looking, wearing what I was wearing. I felt fine with what I was wearing. But being the nerd that I was (and still am), when I started taking an interest in what I could do to make my outside truly reflect what was on the inside, I really dove into it with my library card held high like a torch. Borrowed Colour Me Beautiful, did a little self analyzing, found out I was a winter. However, I discovered that you need the unbiased eye of a trained professional, with proper tools, to really discover your true colours. Well, you can read the whole story of my colour journey HERE.

Today’s story is about colour AND personal style. Personal Image, if you wish, or Image Archetype. After becoming a personal colour analysis consultant of course I would dress the part, in my colours, but there was a piece missing. I knew I should find clothes in my colours, but there was a bit of road left to walk. I also had to find my style. I no longer felt that this represented me completely:


Sure it was natural and simple. But after finding my colours I had rediscovered a spark inside me, and the shape of the clothes I was wearing did not feel like they fed my spirit. I had found a voice, so to speak, but the song I was singing with it did not match the tune.

So I, the nerd, dove back into books, reading every available self help book on «how to find your own style», but guess what. Just like finding your colours, image is also easier to see with the eyes of an unbiased professional using a proven system with good tools. Enter Rachel Nachmias of Best Dressed, with analytic, systematic questions, a sharp eye and mild words. I urge you to have a look at her web page, she explains her system herself there, suffice it to say that I am a Yang Gamine. A short body with some yang influence, with a need for short clothes, to break up the silhouette with lines and colour blocks, and to be «modern, graphic and whimsical».

Out went the long corduroy skirt. Out went the long, drapey, unstructured garments. I am still on my way, I am working on replacing my soft and unstructured but oh-so-practical-to-layer-but-extremely-conventional cardigans, but they are on their way out too.

So this is me today:


I am still minimalistic and practical in my clothing, but with a sassy rock chick edge to me. And how great it feels. It is an odd thing, that even with my grey hair, I feel I look younger than I have done for years. I am comfortable in my own skin. Heck, I am HAPPY in my own skin.


I wish the same for you. Come on. Do it. Be your most authentic.

Do you want to find your perfect colours? Let me help you.
(or, if you do not live in Norway, look HERE and HERE for a personal colour analysis consultant near you)

Do you want to find your true personal image, your Image Archetype? Let Rachel help you.


(oh, and the fabulous studio photos of me are shot by Lisette de Rade)